Preventive Dentistry

The technical term for dental care is prophylaxis. This begins as early as childhood with individual prophylaxis, during which children are instructed on how to brush their teeth and which fluoridation measures are important.

However, dental prophylaxis should not lose its importance in adulthood. Lesions can only be detected early and minimally invasive measures can only be taken with regular check-up appointments (we recommend two appointments a year). If necessary, tartar is removed once a year.

If removing tartar is no longer sufficient, these appointments can be combined with professional tooth cleaning, creating the best conditions for long-term oral health. During a professional teeth cleaning, hard and soft deposits and discoloration are removed, the teeth are polished and the areas that you otherwise cannot reach through daily dental hygiene are cleaned. This reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth and lowers the risk of tooth decay. The costs for a professional tooth cleaning depend on the effort involved and can be kept low with regular appointments.

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Training on prophylaxis
Training on prophylaxis

Dear patients! In a recent training course, we dealt with the topics of prophylaxis, professional tooth cleaning and periodontitis, among other things. Because we also noticed - the times when m..

Modern scanner for correcting of teeth
Modern scanner for correcting of teeth

Dear patients! We are expanding our range of services. For this we have purchased and put into operation one of the most modern 3D scanners. With this scanner we take intraoral 3D images. Based ..

Taking over of praxis
Taking over of praxis

Dear patients, Praxis am Markt on Friedrichstraße has been working for you for almost 18 years and will remain here. I would like to introduce myself as the new owner of the Zahnarzt am Markt pr..

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