Restorative Dentistry

Tooth preservation is always our top priority. If one or more carious defects have been discovered in your case, we will advise you individually on the upcoming care options.

The most common treatment options are dental fillings. Defective tissue is removed painlessly and filled with a tooth filling. In addition to the well-established amalgam, which is now taking a backseat for many reasons, there are various alternative filling materials.

Tooth-colored plastic fillings are available in different variations. These differ in their ingredients, color and longevity. Inlay fillings, which are made of metal or ceramic outside of the mouth after an intraoral scan, can also be a high-quality alternative that is still inexpensive thanks to digital manufacturing processes. These are then firmly cemented in place, are extremely stable to chew and are particularly aesthetically pleasing.

We would be happy to discuss which option is right for you.

If the defect is very deep, a root canal treatment may be necessary. We carry out this with state-of-the-art equipment, which reduces the risks of root canal treatment (e.g. fracture of the instruments) to a minimum. Due to the electronic length measurement of the root canals, some X-rays can be dispensed with. The treated areas are then sealed bacteria-proof with a root canal filling.

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